Eligibility for membership is governed by Company guidelines. Membership is open to: 

  • Active and retired employees 
  • Family members of the above 
  • Customer and vendor representatives assigned to Boeing full-time 
  • Government personnel assigned to Boeing full-time 
  • Other applicants approved by the Recreation Department 

Membership consists of three categories: 

  1. Participating members - those owning an interest in the club holdings through a security deposit. 
  2. Family members - may not own an interest in club holdings. 
  3. Guest members - those not qualifying for any other membership. Membership must be approved by the Recreation board. 

1. The initial cost of membership includes:

Non-refundable initiation fee.......$250
Refundable share deposit...........$1000

2. The ongoing cost of membership includes: 

Monthly dues/insurance..........$105

3. Only one share deposit is required per family.
4. Monthly dues and insurance must be paid by all FLYING members.
5. The Cessna 172's (N35802) hourly rate is currently $110 per hour wet (fuel included), based on the Hobbs meter (engine running time) as of October 2023.