The Boeing Employees Flying Association (BEFA) was incorporated in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in 1991 as a nonprofit corporation. We are not directly affiliated with the Renton-based flying club, which has the same name. Our purpose is to provide a way for Boeing employees, their families, and other qualifying individuals to participate in flying activities, and to promote flight safety.

Our intent is to provide club members a low-cost means of flying. Our Bylaws and Rules of Operation are structured with safety as the most important criteria. We are based and operate out of New Castle County Airport (Wilmington, DE), which is a 30-minute drive from the Boeing plant.

The flying club currently operates a great airplane. It is a beautiful 1968 Cessna 172I.

Flying also serves as a great travel alternative to driving, by wisking you high above the traffic snarls to any nationwide destination in about half the time. N35802, our 172 is currently certified for VFR operations and basic IFR training. Scheduling policies and general availability permit flexibility sufficient for all members to use the aircraft with relative ease. Scheduling is coordinated through the use of Aircraft Clubs on the World Wide Web.

Our flying club enjoys the advantage of corporate sponsorship and support, and group insurance rates, with full owner coverage. Our membership consists of students, rated and commercially licensed pilots, and licensed aircraft mechanics. This provides an excellent means for the dissemination of information and experience.